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Burlesque Weekend Workshop

Women only!!
Next upcoming workshop: 24./25. march 2012
atMandalay, Neuer Pferdemarkt 13, 20359 Hamburg
Costs: 130 Euro, Registration & information by mail:

There is nothing more exiting, then a person walking through a door with confidence. Get rid of your preconceptions and let yourself be seduced into the sensual world of your own body.

From "A" like awarness to "Z" like zipper. We will dive into a burlesque bubble-bath with the motto: doing by doing.

We´ll start on Friday evening. Let us gather for a burlesque tete-à-tete with prosecco and sweets. I´ll bring you lots of books and material to look at, we´ll have a peek in the net and watch a short film about the history of Burlesque, while we are chatting and nipping and flattering on pillows. Saturday and Sunday will be days of doing. We´re gonna work with those stockings, cloves, buttons and zippers and anything else you´re able to open. With lots of relish and always good for laughs, we will say farewell to shame and disgrace. No forcement into getting undressed. No nudity. But lots of teasing and lots of fun.

Please feel free to bring a piece of music you really like (on CD or USB-Stick) and, if you own such things, bring burlesque-able pieces of clothes - stockings, garters, cloves, boas, stolas, skirts, fabrics, pettycoats, korsetts, bra´s, pumps and so on.